Tim Duncan: Expressive, Animated, Uninhibited

This is Tim Duncan, also affectionately referred to as the Tim Duncan Robot. A stoic man of rare outbursts of expression, a game as fundamental as James Naismith intended and athleticism and basketball mechanics resembling that of a robot; behold the half man, half robot known as Tim Duncan. (Not my words, but words of a guy who was actually selling this poster.)

Do I hear blasphemy? Shouldn’t he be — what’s the word — stoic? Watch this clip and tell me otherwise. This. Is. Way. Too. Funny.

On that note, a couple of links for your light-hearted fancy:

  • Gino20 of Pounding The Rock acknowledging LZ Granderson’s piece on Duncan. Kudos to his unbridled attack on the Lakers/Heat/Celtics-love fest ESPN. Whoops!
  • I’m going through the archives (or, a simple google search) here, discovering Eric Neel’s take on Tim Duncan –- and there’s that word again – the stoic.
  • Is it me, or am I just in denial mode here? Once again, reminiscing the past glories of the beautiful and never boring Duncan.
  • Arguably the most egregious link of them all. And it’s a Facebook group at that.
  • Timmy goes Hollywood (!). Timmeh!
  • Chronicling Bob Horry’s mental torture under the hands of 21. Click on the link and everything will make sense.
  • The Onion. The Onion. The Onion. No one does it better than The Onion. I probably can’t look at an onion with a straight face ever again. Great. If you ever hear hysterical laughter at your local grocers’, I apologize. It’s probably me.

And if you’re still wondering, yes, this post is entirely for my own personal amusement.


About Andrew Seah

A sports nut trying to reconcile the disconnect between mind and limb.
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